Service FAQ

Q: Why should I service my vehicle at a dealership?
A: When you service your vehicle at a dealership it’ll be taken care of by a factory-trained technician who knows their way around your vehicle’s specific make and model. It is also the best way to ensure that your vehicle will receive genuine OEM parts! Plus, if you have a warranty on your car, the service will be covered! Call our service center to learn more and book your appointment today.


Q: Can I schedule a service appointment online?
A: Yes you can! Visit our website today to utilize our Schedule Service tool!


Q: How do I schedule tire service here?
A: Customers can either call or visit our website to schedule tire service!


Q: Do you offer parts specials here?
A: Yes we do offer parts specials! Check out our website to view the current service specials we are offering!


Q: Do you offer battery replacement services here?
A: Yes we do! Call us today to schedule an appointment!


Q: Do you have any specials or deals?
A: Yes, please check out our Service Specials page or give us a call at 504-455-2101!


Q: When is your Service Center open?
A: We are open Monday-Friday 7:30am to 6:00pm and closed on Saturday and Sundays!


Q: Do you service all makes and models?
A: Yes, we service all vehicle makes and models.


Q: Can I schedule an oil change here?
A: Yes, you can schedule an oil change here! Schedule online or call us today to schedule an appointment!


Q: Can I order parts for my vehicle at Land Rover New Orleans?
A: Yes, you can order parts for your vehicle here. Visit our website today to inquire!


Q: Can we purchase tires at the dealership?
A: Yes, we have tires for sale. Stop by our service center today!


Q: How often should I check my tire pressure?
A: With most new vehicles drivers can check the tire pressure on their dashboard but if you own an older vehicle it’s recommended to check your tires once a month. If you’re looking for a quality set of tires, a tire rotation or any other tire service, please contact our service department.


Q: Do you have a collision center?
A: Yes, we do have a collision center! Give us a call at 504-455-2101!


Q: Do you install parts?
A: Yes, we install Parts at our service center!


Q: Do you service electric vehicles?
A: Yes, our service center is electric vehicle friendly!


Q: What is the benefit of using OEM parts?
A: We only use factory certified parts because they are designed to the exact factory specifications and they usually come with a manufacturer warranty.


Q: Can I Switch to Synthetic Oil or a Different Grade?
A: We recommend you check the owner’s manual to see which oil grade is best for your car. Usually, switching to synthetic oil is not an issue but sometimes, it’s not the best practice for older vehicles. You can contact our service department to ensure that the oil grade you’re using is right for your car.


Q: Can I get my transmission repaired here?
A: Yes, we offer transmission repairs!


Q: How often should I have my tires rotated?
A: Generally, tire rotations are recommended every 3,000 miles to 6,000 miles. In many cases, a car will be due for a tire rotation and oil change at the same time, so many drivers have both services completed in a single appointment. Contact our service department to schedule a tire rotation today!


Q: Why is my check engine light on?
A: Your check engine light could be on for several reasons from a loose fuel cap to a major engine failure, so it’s important to have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Contact our team at 504-455-2101 to see how we can help you!


Q: Why are my brakes making strange noises?
A: If your brakes are making strange noises, it’s a sign that brake repair is needed. Contact our team at 504-455-2101 to see how we can help you or to schedule service!


Q: May I bring any vehicle in for service?
A: We service all makes and models. In addition to servicing on-brand vehicles, we also service all non-brands to meet our customer needs. Give us a call at 504-455-2101!


Q: Do you offer warranties on your cars?
A: Give us a call to find out our warranties at 504-455-2101!


Q: Do you offer loaner vehicles?
A: Yes, we are currently offering loaner vehicles. Please request the loaner at the time you schedule your appointment so we can be sure to have a vehicle ready for you. You can call our service department at 504-455-2101 to schedule your appointment!


Q: What are signs your vehicle needs an oil change? 
A: Some physical signs could include poor fuel economy, odd noises coming from the engine, thick and discolored oil. Give our service center a call if you have any questions or think your vehicle may need one!


Q: How often should I replace windshield wiper blades? 
A: The quick answer is once or twice a year. However, different factors can affect your wiper blades, like strong winds, heavy rain, debris, and even sun exposure. If you think you need your wiper blades replaced, stop by our service center and we’ll gladly replace them for you.


Q: How long will it take to have my car serviced? 
A: The length of time it takes to service your car can vary depending on the type of service needed. Contact our team today and we’ll give you an estimated timeframe!