Sell or Trade Your Car near Kenner LA
Are you ready to sell or trade your car near Kenner, Louisiana? Here at Land Rover New Orleans, we make it easy for you to do just that.
Please read on to see how you can get the compensation you deserve working alongside our dealership team.
Appraising Your Vehicle  
Appraising Your Vehicle

The most critical part of your journey, when you’re looking to sell your car or make a trade, is determining what it’s worth. Coming up with a figure is important for both you and us here at the dealership.

In order to help you determine what your vehicle is worth, we’ve taken the liberty of adding a Value Your Trade tool right to our website. Using this tool, you can fill out some information about your vehicle, like its VIN number, mileage, make, and model. After that, the tool will provide an estimate of the car’s worth.

Once you bring your vehicle in for appraisal, we’ll conduct a similar process. We’ll inspect the car, looking at the condition of its powertrain, interior, and other components. Combining this with information we know about the make and model, we’ll be able to provide you with an offer for your automobile.

Evaluating Your Offer  
Evaluating Your Offer

Once we present you with an offer, you’ll be able to move at whatever pace you desire. If you want to accept right off the bat, go on ahead! Want to head home and give it some thought as you evaluate your new model options? No worries; the offer won’t go anywhere unless unforeseen circumstances occur.

If you decide to accept our offer at any point, all you’ll have to do is provide our team with your license, insurance, and the car’s title plus registration. From there, all that’ll be left to do is sign the dotted line as we present you with your compensation.


Want to Make a Trade?
If you want to make a trade-in as opposed to selling your car outright, we’re happy to help! There are a few added steps involved with making a trade. After all, you have to figure out which new car you want to take home. Fortunately, we’ve got a great selection of models right here on our lot.
As you explore our selection online, you’ll find some luxury-level vehicles. You can’t go wrong with a Range Rover if you’re looking for supreme sport and style. The Discovery and Defender are both great options, as well.
When you decide on a model, our finance team will factor your trade-in value into your deal, deducting that number from your purchase price.
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Sell or Trade Your Car near Kenner LA Today
Are you ready to sell or trade your car near Kenner, LA? Whether you want to come in today, or you’re ready to make a move months from now, we’ll be here to help.

Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Land Rover New Orleans!


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